this we have eaten before  

this we have eaten before

det här vi ätit tidigare


5 out of 7 days we can chose
some items are old, we don't eat pasta or bread now.  Sugar and cakes are removed from the menu.


squid, green beans, black rice
Hare with radicchio sallad
vad är det
fishburger (salmon + potatoes)
wild boar
squid, beens
green asparagus risotto
Fet Fish "rombo", 2kg, all flowting in fet, a bottle of wine per person needed to digest it
superb test.
don't eat it anymore
Italian paella, Scampi, mussles, pomodori, rice



meat, potatoes  
Type of zucchini moussaka, with white cheese
(zucchini  fried before)

smoked eel, Japanese mode, warm, in sweet coating
meat, sprouts a la polonaise   
"lutfisk" with vegetables and spices done in the Italian way using recepies for StockaFisso, dry Stock Fish  
leak quiche  
very good but we avoid it not to eat pasta.   
sword fish  


fish in italy   
fried sardines Sicilian way
raisins, pine nuts

fried cod with fried cale   
very special thing, long preparation, description will come    



spring rolls 
onsen silk tofu 
harusame soup (noodle soup with spinach)
beef vegetable rolls   
mixed Sushi 
Chirashi Sushi
Chickpeas  stew
with polenta
Chestnut flour gnocchi with Radicchio sallad   
Radicchio avocado peas  
Radicchio with makril   
Japanease meat balls   


Lituanian Chlodnik   
Polenta with lardo and parmegiano   
Harring with potatoes and salt/sweet prunes
replacement for "umeboshi" prunes are from Poland, bit more sweeter
some fish italian way  
Osso Buco 



rare dessert
from top
apples with quince
shreded almonds and hasel nuts
blue bar 


fried radicchio(front)
shrimps (back)
tuna carrots salad
beans sesam salad




Coffee and cakes in Vienna, fet, sweet, fantstic taste, after year of not eating such thing we got unwell after.




"Lepre in salmi"
Hare med med polenta